2013 has come, and the world doesn't end yet. So I'm going to make my New Year's wish. My wish is aging elegantly. Last year my health went down all of a sudden, and I couldn't do anything to prevent it from happening. Yeah, I know, I should have led a regular life and formed an exercise habit. I have no one to blame but myself.

Anyway, I aged, sadly and suddenly. Not elegantly at all. Memories blurred now and then. I had to focus on words that were spoken so that I'd fully understand them. Sometimes I hesistated while I was writing a word, which looked strange and distant. I felt like brain damaged.

Fine lines appeared on my face. Hair turned grey. Got tired easier than before. Back aching. Dizzy. So on so forth. The doctors were confused why a woman at my age suffered these. Obviously I aged too early. They prescribed pills to improve my conditions. They assured me the pills could be taken at the same time. Only I found that one pill had a side effect of constipation, another diarrhoea——

"...Are you sure I can take these together?"
"Just do it."

Really? Pills were not Nike sneakers. I fought against my unwillingness and began taking medicine on a daily basis. Hopefully my conditions will improve in the near future.

May there be peace and health with me, and all the people I know. Happy New Year.

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