"Comfort food" is the food that makes a person feel comforted. Comfort food usually refers to sweeties, but it differs from person to person. For example, mine seems to be chocolate, cake, pies and Taiwanese-style popcorn chicken.

Today I stopped by 85°C Cafe for mille-feuille. Last night I browsed the website and read many reviews on Hokkaido Mille-feuille, which was really tempting. Yet I chose 85°C to save the trouble.... Cake slices in the window looked delicious, so I bought Boston pie too. Next to 85°C is another shop called Rose Pie. Without thinking I walked through the door and bought red bean pie and lemon pie. Gosh...was I that depressed and I wasn't even conscious of it?

Just had the mille-feuille with black tea. A touch of brandy made it taste bitter. I'm not so sure if I like it. Yet the fresh cream between layers was smooth and the sweetness was just right. Fine on the whole, not comforting enough. Perhaps people who love brandy will like it better.

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