With significant change in my workplace, 2017 is doomed to be a tough year. As a matter of fact, a shrinking budget is our new year gift. We are adjusting to all the change and yet there is so much remaining uncertain, or even unknown. Work occupies a big part of my time, so I'm quite impatient right now.

Stability and security has become luxuries these days. It's fairly ironic that with so much effort we'd made, the consequences only turned out to be the opposite. Everything twisted in a way we disliked, as if mockery of our effort. The hidden agenda in every seemingly friendly meeting was that we accepted what we had, or else. It's not easy to find another endurable job, so we stay "humble, humble, and humble."

Only our ex-boss flew high. He leveraged our production for his own good. After he got the new job, he still tried to take advantage of us, which we had difficulty dodging, since our current boss befriended him. What the hell? Did these bosses form a bad boss club or something?

The only thing that comforts is that you know people suffer as you do. Hell, I hate the wound-licking, but this is what we do (a lot more often than usual) during the break and it's' actually good for the mental health. We beware of the danger of complaining, but I wonder how long we can keep sober.

Restless start. Bad sign for a new year. Anyway, facing the trouble is the way to conquer it. Farewell, relatively good old days.

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